Woomelang | Bryan Itch & Chuck Mayfield

Woomelang Street Art by Bryan Itch

Woomelang Street Art by Chuck Mayfield
Bryan Itch & Chuck Mayfield

This grain bin is located on Hopetoun-Sea Lake Rd. I would suggest you drive slower than the speed limit as the bin is obscured by trees and the dirt road to pull in and take a photo appears quite suddenly.

The bin was painted by two individual artists. The top photo featuring the Major Mitchell was the work of Bryan Itch while the South Eastern Long Eared Bat was completed by Chuck Mayfield. 

From this grain bin you can see the last bin left to collect which was painted by Jimmy D'vate. I was warned by the locals not to walk through the long grass due to the amount of snakes I heeded that advice and used a land scape lens from this spot. A small lake or dam sits between both bins and looked to be a perfect location for snakes to hang out so please be wary.