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Goulburn Public Art | Alex Seton

Goulburn Public Art | Alex Seton
Alex Seton

'Anything Will Bounce If You Throw it Hard Enough'  I have no doubt if I threw a rock or a small child hard enough it'll bounce. The title makes me smile every time. Mostly because I'm silly and the thought of throwing things around amuses me.

The title is long so I wont repeat it again, it's one of three sculptures produced in 2019 spread out across the Wollondilly Walking Track. The walking track is also home to a 'Fracture' by David Ball and 'The happening of everything that happens in time' by Todd Robinson.

I've come across Alex Setons work several times. 'Lost and Found' can be found in Albury, '
Sculpture No 23 (The Parcel)in Canberra and a large skull which I'm yet to make a post for at the Bendigo Art Gallery. 

This sculpture requires a one minute walk and might be a little strenuous for those with limitations. I've provided a parking address. You'll need to take the trail at the end of the court to the creek and turn right once you hit the path. 

6 The Avenue, Goulburn