Kingsgrove | Mistery & Mikey Freedom

Kingsgrove Public Art | Canal to Creek Street Art by Mistery & Mikey Freedom
Mistery & Mikey Freedom

This is one of eighteen Public Art installments positioned on the West Connex Canal to Creek trail.
It's the second mural and third piece of public art I photographed. 

I regretfully didn't take too many photos of this mural. I thought I had but once I got to the other side of the tunnel and saw another artwork, not on my list for the day, I became extremely distracted. 
This mural was created by Mistery and Mikey Freedom. Mistery has work all over Sydney including Liverpool & Ashcroft 

You can locate this mural in the M5 East pedestrian tunnel at the end of Kooreela Street, Kingsgrove