Meredith | BIG Hens

 Chicken out for the night

BIG Hens in Meredith | Australian BIG Things

BIG Hens

This was the last stop for my very first road trip. I won't forget it, literally, it was a nightmare.
I planned my route with google maps so Why I went from
The BIG Apple
Wooden Hand
Ned Kelly
The Miner
Castlemaine then 
All the way back to Meredith is a little beyond me. I punched in the wrong Meredith into my Nav-Mantoo as well and spent 30 mins on the road before realizing something wasn't right

By the time I got to my destination I had run out of light. 

The failure of this trip started a crusade to make my own Google Mymaps. I'd left the house for that trip without any address's and didn't realize how hard it would be to find these amazing sculptures on the road. Most of these places had business names or were in small towns and I made the mistake of assuming they'd be easy to find.

I was wrong

📍 Corner of Midland Highway + Taylor Rd, Meredith