Potts Point | Le Grizz, Keo Match, Mike Watt, iamskulk & _ohnoes

I almost took photos of the colorful sihloette animals on the building heading into this lane but I showed some self control


Mansion Ln is a wealth for murals and I must admit I saw Skulk, pictured above online a few months back and gave it a good google believing I hadn't yet visited it. I didn't find it but am pretty stoked to learn I had actually photographed but shoved it in a folder not to be looked at till a year later.

Skulk also has work in Miller and I suspect Liverpool 

These photo's likely wont be in order but the above is the work of Kevin Gold aka. Ohnoes

The amazing Grizzle better known as LeGrizz. LeGrizz has work all over the shop. I've seen his murals in Dulwich Hill and Penrith so far but have a heap in my folder I still need to post

A 2014 mural by Keomatch. Keomatch is a great artist and I dont feel he gets the recognition he deserves. Keomatch has participated in Lost Lanes in Wagga Wagga. I've also seen his work in Newcastle, Wickham and Wangaratta, VIC

If you don't love Mike Watt... we can't be friends! The white demon was painted by IamSkulk while the character on the right was Mikes mural. Both murals were also painted in 2014 

Mike Watt also has work in Burwood, Marrickville and Canberra

Potts Point Street Art | Le Grizz, Keo Match, Mike Watt, iamskulk & _ohnoes

I'm afraid I didn't take more photos of this wall and couldn't see a Tag. I'm unsure who produced this piece.