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Homebush Street Art | Butter Shack Mural by Blackbook Ink

Blackbook Ink (ArtofSektor)

Blackbook Ink is an agency for artists. They match clients with talented artists based on their needs and budgets and for Butter Shack on Parramatta Rd Blackbook Ink married them up with the super talented @ArtofSektor.

I've seen a few murals from ArtofSektor now and while I've only gotten around to posting his mural in Currans Hill this is by far my favorite

It's quite a long mural and you're best off using a wide angled lens or camera phone as they're so versatile now. I wish I had the opportunity to scout the inside of the complex for more goodies but alas, Covid! This mural began in April 2020 and was officially debuted in May.