Katoomba | Beverly Pl (Prt 2)

This is the second post for the Street Art Walk within Katoomba's Beverley Ln.
If you would like to see the first post [Click here]

Katoomba Street Art | Dcydes
I first saw Dcydes work in Benella and for a moment thought the artist just enjoys painting portraits sideways. After a good snoop through his Instagram this doesn't appear to be the case. 

Katoomba Street Art | Captain Earwax

Awesome artwork to be gawked at and there is Mat in the bottom left playing on his phone! tsk tsk tsk!
I noticed the second face almost instantly and automatically dislike it. Ears, aka Captain Earwax, typically creates white face slightly off centered faces and they usually leave me telling it to stop staring at me.

Katoomba Street Art | Mahtous

This mural was created by Mahtous and I suspect it may be apart of a larger wall starting with this  photograph. I only took one photo of each mural so it's difficult for me to discern if they're connected. I do recall there being a shed near this fence though. 

Katoomba Street Art | Krimsone & Mahtous

This wall is a collab between Muhtous & Krimsone. Krimsone & Scott Nagy created a similar whale in Newtown that I still haven't seen. Kind of feel like I'm there 🤣

Katoomba Street Art | Nastiagladu

I've seen Nastiagladu's work once before in Paddington and really quite enjoy the simplicity and mashup of soft colors over a bolder color. It makes each mural feel peaceful yet somehow striking. 

Katoomba Street Art | Ohtisone

This mural is a creation of Ohtisone and is probably my favorite from the entire walk. Ohitisone credits Dcydes with participation on this mural but his name neither appears on the wall nor in his online gallert.

Katoomba Street Art | Scott Nagy

Unfortunate the position of the sun was always going to result in a least one or two murals being in partial shadow. While I'm grateful I only had one photo it saddens me it was Scott Nagys mural. He's so talented and this mural is so full of color and feelings it doesn't quite carry the same tone when rendered to Black and white to minimize the shadow

Katoomba Street Art | Scott Nagy & Krimsone

This beautiful portrait is a joint project from Scott Nagy & Krimsone. She looks so sad and defeated to me. It's not the couples typical style or vibe so maybe it's a bit of lockdown projecting. It's a beautiful wall regardless of her expression

Katoomba Street Art

I spent a fair while on Instagram and Google trying to figure out who created this mural and I still don't have an answer. I'm terrible at reading TAGs and there does appear to be lettering worked into the bottom of the mural but I can't read them. I suspected the mural belonged to Peque but it seems to lack a bit of Peque vivid color scheme. 

Katoomba Street Art | ZillerCreative

The last mural for this post is by West Sydney artist  ZillerCreative. I've added a few of Zillers murals to my map to visit and am really pleased to learn I've come across his work before. I love her expression!

There's one more post to wrap up my Katoomba walk.
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