Katoomba | Beverly Pl (Prt.3)

This is the last set of pictures for Katoomba's Street Art Walk
There are three in total, each corresponding with a pin on my map. To check out my other two posts follow the links
Pots 1 || Post 2

Katoomba Street Art | Alex Grilance
Katoomba Street Art | Alex GrilanceKatoomba Street Art | Alex Grilance

I really REALLY enjoyed Alex Grilance's mural. Considering the quality of his work I'm surprised I haven't come across his work before, whether that be in person or Instagram. Very unusual and a nice touch of realistic morbidity. 

Katoomba Street Art | Creon

I was limited to a small section of Creon's wall due to a car being parked in front. It's def the most interesting part though. I'm usually get disgruntled by obstructions but this wall has so many distractions I barely notice the cars mirror peeking from the bottom.

Katoomba Street Art | l7matrix

This tasty treat was created by l7matrix who does amazing work with colorful chaos they gives the illusion of movement. Check out the profile for more goodies

Katoomba Street Art |  _suchis_

I originally thought this was IamSkulk but happens to be _suchis_  I went snooping to see if perhapes they were the same person since IamSkulk rather fell of the radar a few years back but it's hard to tell with a private profile.

Katoomba Street Art | The Flying Kiwi

Fellow Kiwi brother The Flying Kiwi created this little fella. In line with theme TFK has created a native New Zealand icon 'flying' this time via balloons. FYI the Kiwi is a flightless bird.

Katoomba Street Art | Tom Tattooer

So the mural above and the mural below are both creations by Tom Tattooer. I above mural is in line with Toms FT profession but the below mural left me scratching my head a little. I had to blow up the tag on the wall, which I sill couldn't read, but thought perhaps it read ??SE and I suspected it was George Rose. A lot of people believe Scott Nagy is her creator but I came across a post where the Nagy left a comment on a hunters profile stating Tom Tattooer painter her. Confused much!

Katoomba Street Art | Tom Tattooer

Katoomba Street Art | Unknown

I came across this artist not long ago and now can not for the life of me recall who it was. Haunted!

Katoomba Street Art | Unknown

Another unknown. Out of the 32 murals I took photos three are sill uncredited and I really hope this changes. There's some bettering bewteen her feet that say Born .. porn? I couldnt find anything for either names.