Caringbah - Lord Mischief, Karen Farmer, Shannon Crees, YOWA, Michael Black, CAMO, Nico, Studio Dennis & Krimsone

Caringbah has a nice hub of art in and around Park Ln. It was my second stop while in the area and instead of dragging out posts I'll post 10 at a time to marry it up with my maps pins.

I started at the Southern end of Park Ln which introduced me to Lord Mischief. I've seen a mural from this artist before but can't quite recall where. 

Caringbah Street Art by Lord Mischief
Lord Mischief

On the opposite side of the wall you'll find Karen Farmer. Aka BAD Magpie. I've seen a few murals by this artist now typically in Marrickville and Newtown but surprisingly this will be my first upload of her work to this blog.

Caringbah Street Art by Karen Farmer
Karen Farmer

I'd never heard of YOWA before this lane and the work reminded me so much of a wall in St Peters I'd found by LeafMonster aka, BirdHat. Perhaps one day I'll find a connection. 

Caringbah Street Art by Yowa

One of my favorite artists Shannon Crees produced this next wall. I have a few more murals to post from this artist but so far I've only blogged her amazing work in Manly & Bangor. Really glad to add this beauty to my collection of photographs.

Caringbah Street Art by Shannon Cree's
Shannon Cree's

I enjoy Camo's work. I've come across a fair few stencils from the artist now depicting children tipping over paint buckets and while the stencil remains the same the paint colors change. For the mot part his work appears completely unique.

I imagine it would take a lot of work creating stencils and I get the impression it's something that Camo really enjoys doing.

Caringbah Street Art by Camo

Interestingly enough these weren't the only stencils I found in the area and came across a half dozen more. It makes me wonder how many different designs he's made.

Caringbah Street Art by Camo

I was really disappointed by this wall by Michael Black. I've come across another mural by the artist  once before in Arncliffe and was hungry to discover more. The entire wall was obscured by recycling and bins for me to capture a decent photo. I've seen other photos of this wall though and loved the mural. It really is a mural  rival that of Krimsone and Shannon Cree.

Caringbah Street Art by Michael Black
Michael Black

The typical shapes and colors we expect from Nico. Nico has work everywhere! Including, Wetherill Park, Edmondson Park, Alexandra, Katoomba, two in Casula and numerous pieces I haven't uploaded yet in both Marrickville and Newtown.

Caringbah Street Art by Nico

Where Nico is Studio Dennis usually appears. I sometimes wonder if they're the same artist painting two different style under two different names :P Their work appears side by side 

Caringbah Street Art by Studio Dennis
Studio Dennis

Admittedly I don't think I've ever come across a mural by Krimsone without the aid of Scott Nagy and the burning question, who between the pair was the creative genius, had always danced into mind when seeing their work. I always had the impression Scott Nagy was the stronger influence between the pair until I saw this wall and I was really taken aback by Krimsone's work. 

I'm not sure what the crow is doing but he looks pretty damn happy

Caringbah Street Art | Krimsone