Sydney | Sculpture by the Sea 2022 (1)

After a two year wait Sculpture by the Sea was given the green light to return to the shores of the Bondi to Bronte coast line. 

I timed my visit poorly and found myself snapping photos in the middle of the day. Due to work being short staffed I also left my visit till the last day the event was running which meant every other person who also left Sculpture by the Sea till the last minute was also there, which was a lot!

I was confident I photographed every sculpture but upon sorting photos at home I've realized I'd missed around ten installments, woops! Next year I will endeavor to visit early morning and mid week to avoid the crowds.

Information supplied is from the Sculpture by the Sea (Twenty Fourth Edition) booklet

1. Paul Capone

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Paul Capone

Artist: Paul Capone
Title: 'Head It Is'
Dimensions: 380 x150 x 150cm

Statement: "Head it is is and unmonumental monument pointing to the idea that the way we memorialize and celebrate our great moments and people in history requires a rethink in these current times."

2. Oleksii Zolotariov

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Oleksii Zolotariov

Artist: Oleksii Zolotariov
Title: Wind Rose (2010)
Dimensions: 250 x 160 x 160cm

Statement: "Wind Rose is a symbol of balance and integrity. Simple triangle shapes form a multilayer composition, allowing the structure to be seen."

3. Paul Hay

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Paul Hay

Artist: Paul Hay
Title: Trip Hazard
Dimensions: 50 x 330 x 470cm

Statement: "A map of chance with 34 bends, 74 cuts, 10 spins and 47 stems"

4. Isabela Lleo Castells

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Isabela Lleo Castells

Artist: Isabela Lleo Castells
Title: The Doubting Column
Dimensions: 400 x 25 x 25cm

Statement: "As Axis Mundi, The Doubting Column represents the stability and magic that we need to live. Oak logs carved in shapes seek harmony. Charred wood superimposed on a fragile balance, form a column. Remains of magical forests  of Mallorca and Australia burn. Bronze cast and fire becomes a column of burnt logs"

5. Marina Debris

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Marina Debris

Artist: Marina Debris

Title: Just a Drop in the Ocean
Dimensions: 300 x 165 x 165cm

Statement: ''My Artwork intends to raise awareness about marine pollution and show how little of what we use to reused of recycled. The 'materials' cone from Sydney beaches. The aim is to startle viewers into taking a closer look at things we usually ignore and encourage people to rethink out consumer habits''

7. Takeshi Tanabe

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Takeshi Tanabe

Artist: Takeshi Tanabe
Title: A Scene: Dedicated to Handel's "The Water Music" 20-1
Dimensions: 70 x 115 x 90cm

Statement: "The work is based upon the motif of Time and Space when the Big Bang occurred 15 billion years ago. It expresses the planet of water, imagines it's birth and references abstract ideas about human existence on this ''Water Planet''

8. Prof. Gavin Younge

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Prof. Gavin Younge

Artist: Prof. Gavin Younge
Title: flight (2016)
Dimensions: 180 x 127 x 77cm

Statement: N/A

9. Sivaan Lansdowne Walker

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Sivaan Lansdowne Walker

Artist: Sivaan Lansdowne Walker
Title: Hotbed Twilight
Dimensions: 20 x 26 x 18cm

Statement: ''An anti-sensory installation is paired with abstracted , dusty and dirty homely structures. This pairing takes into consideration intimate and sometimes unintended personal demarcation against momentum and growth.''

10. Danni Bryant

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Danni Bryant

Artist: Danni Bryant
Title: Deep Sea Bloom
Dimensions: 15 x 60 x 90cm
                      15 x 90 x 90cm

Statement: "Cautious by design with spiky tendrils spreading out to instinctively protect something precious within their depths, they let only those with keen eyes and a sensitive approach reach for the treasures within."

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