Sydney | Sculpture by the Sea 2022 (7)


After a two year wait Sculpture by the Sea was given the green light to return to the shores of the Bondi to Bronte coast line. 

Technically it's Bondi to Tamara beach but lets not be picky
The information supplied is from the Sculpture by the Sea (Twenty Fourth Edition) booklet. 

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61. Dr. Wayne Z Hudson

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Dr. Wayne Z Hudson

Artist: Dr. Wayne Z Hudson
Title: Daydreaming
Dimensions: 280 x 130 x 130cm

Statement: "Daydreaming depicts the artist's time as a young boy with his father in the forests of Tasmania. The artist would wander, find a place to sit and stare up through the trees into the sky. He would be happy sitting for hours dreaming about his future"

62. Ayako Saito

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Ayako Saito

Ayako Saito
Title: Tomb of Atreus
Dimensions: 210 x 180 x 230cm

Statement: "The geometry of the parts of this sculpture, through their relation, add up to a new thing"

63. Vojtech Mica

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Vojtech Mica

Vojtech Mica
Title: Phantoms of Corporality - Urban Islands
Dimensions: 165 x 110 x 130cm 

Statement: "Phantasmagorical figures if modern humans, standing in contrast with the history of the place they live in. These are our shadows."

64. Keizo Ushio

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Keizo Ushio

Keizo Ushio
Title: Oushi Zokei - Infinity
Dimensions: 220 x 140 x 70cm

Statement: "Two rings with different surface are twisted five times to form one large ring. The big circle makes you feel infinite and may be a window to the future. The consistent use of a ring shape in my work signifies the wonderful circle of people that have woven around the world."

65. Jock Clutterbuck

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Jock Clutterbuck

Jock Clutterbuck
Title: The Orange Tree
Dimensions: 210 x 130 x 47cm

Statement: The Orange Tree is the title of an early poem by John Shaw Neilson who grew up and worked as a laborer in the Western Wimmera region of Victoria where I also grew up."

66. Nigel Dobson

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Nigel Dobson

Nigel Dobson
Title: Shogun
Dimensions: 350 x 240 x 240cm

Statement: "This work is a further investigation on the artist's practice of creating steel sculptures, all of a lager than human scale. It acts as a future relic that references our connection with outer space and our increasing interest to dominate it."

67. Steve Cramb

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Steve Cramb

Steve Cramb
Title: The Fall (2011)
Dimensions: 70 x 150 x 170cm

Statement: "This work explores how mythology, donination and contradiction are comprised in a fall from grace."

68. Ayad Alqaragholli

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Ayad Alqaragholli

Ayad Alqaragholli
Title: Our Love Touches the Sky (Habana Yalmis Alsama)
Dimensions: 400 x 140 x 80cm

Statement: "This sculpture evokes memories of my childhood in southern Iraq. Kite flying is very much part of daily life for children in Iraq; it offers a sense of freedom and joy. My new life in Australia is represented by the idea that Our Love Touches the Sky."

69. DR. Vlase Nikoleski

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by DR. Vlase Nikoleski

DR. Vlase Nikoleski
Title: Flooded Weir
Dimensions: 280 x 494 x 120cm

Statement: "Flooded Weir is one in a series of works concerned with water courses in Australia. Water harvesting and obstruction, drought, flood and farm runoff are all considered."

70. Juan Pablo Pinto & Cristian Rojas

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Juan Pablo Pinto & Cristian Rojas

Artist: Juan Pablo Pinto & Cristian Rojas
Title: Selfish
Dimensions: 550 x 640 x 30cm

Statement: This work places the viewer at the pointy end of the fishing line. The oversized hook plays with the scale and the breathtaking ocean views, as if keen to jag a human or two, circling around, hungry for 'the perfect selfie'."

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