Sydney | Sculpture by the Sea 2022 (4)


After a two year wait Sculpture by the Sea was given the green light to return to the shores of the Bondi to Bronte coast line. 

Information supplied is from the Sculpture by the Sea (Twenty Fourth Edition) booklet
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31. Denese Oates

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Denese Oates

Artist: Denses Oates
Title: Spiral Knot (2012)
Dimensions: 170 x 230 x 110cm

Statement: the work interprets the growth patterns of nature. The linear aspect recalls rope or vines, and the use of corten steel with its rusty surface serves to blend the work with the landscape, as though it has sprung spontaneously from the earth.

Note: Denise Oates has The Giant Cup sculpture in Canberra which resides at Beaver Galleries in Deakin.

32. Michael Snape

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Michael Snape

Artist: Michael Snape
Title:  Slow Turn 2020
Dimensions: 240 x 300 x 240cm

Statement: "Eighteen lines drawn, eighteen lines cut, bent eighteen times, obtuse or acute makes a slow turn"

Note: Michael Snape is a very popular artist and has work all over Sydney, while I haven't gotten the chance to post much of his work I did discover a sculpture from the artist in Potts Point

33. S.A Adair


34. Gary Christian

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Gary Christian

Artist: Gary Chrisian
Title: Is There hope
Dimensions: 300 - 245 x 38 x 20cm

Statement: The work responds to twinned yet opposing forces - the diminishing understanding human beings have of those (animals and plants) we share the planet with. the deep, yet fragile connection human beings have with the natural world."

35. Patricia McTaggart Marrfurra

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Patricia McTaggart Marrfurra

Artist: Patricia McTaggart Marrfurra
Title: Fish Net (Walipan)
Dimensions: 120 x 210 x 50cm

Statement: "The community of Nauiyu us situated on the Daly River, one of the largest rivers in the Northern Territory. This is a fish net that was traditionally used in the area for fishing. these days fish nets are made to remind local people of their history and culture, to teach young local woman how to weave and dye merrepen fibre, and importantly to teach others about traditional indigenous culture."

36. Chrisine Madies

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Chrisine Madies

Artist: Christine Madies
Title: Fragments of Continuity
Dimensions: 50 x 200 x 50cm

Statement: "A little foam, a candid event upon the dark of the sea," wrote the French poet, Paul Valery. With this sculpture, the artist attempts to capture a tiny fragment of time - the moment of the breaking of waves."

37. Mimi Dennett

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Mimi Dennett

Artist: Mimi Dennett
Title: Bloom 
Dimensions: 135 x 95 x 200cm

Statement: This single bed covered in flowers, native and edible plants is a sculpture about hope and regeneration. Waking from winter, we find ourselves in spring; alive, growing and constantly changing. this work interacts with birds, insects, the sun and the rain.

38. Stuart Ian Frost


39. Jenny Herbert-Smith

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Jenny Herbert-Smith

Artist: Jenny Herbert-Smith
Title: Between the Lines Again and Again
Dimensions: 180 x 200 x 200cm

Statement: "This work is a visual composition of rhythms. Solid concrete forms combine with the sweeping curves f steel in a 'dance' of both opposition and unity."

40. Marcus Tatton

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Marcus Tatton

Artist: Marcus Tatton
Title: Horn of Vicissitude
Dimensions: 230 x 350 x 190cm

Statement: "Lumbered with an "embarrassment of riches", the coal-burning civilization took greedily of its own kind, warring over resources, wreaking acidity over living earth.."

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