Sydney | Sculpture by the Sea 2022 (10)

After a two year wait Sculpture by the Sea was given the green light to return to the shores of the Bondi to Bronte coast line. 

Technically it's Bondi to Tamara beach but lets not be picky
The information supplied is from the Sculpture by the Sea (Twenty Fourth Edition) booklet. 

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91. Margaret Sampson

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Margaret Sampson

Artist: Margaret Sampson
Title: Long Division
Dimensions: 300 x 100 x 100cm

Statement: "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have build against it" - Rumi

92. Jina Lee

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Jina Lee

Artist: Jina Lee

Title: Gache
Dimensions: 140 x 190 x 80cm

Statement: "Inspired by Gache, a traditional Korean wig from the 17th century worn by women of high social status. when women were married, they were expected to tie up their hair on the top of the head and wear a heavy wig for the rest of their life. As their new hair grew and decorations were added to the wig, it would become a heavy burden for some women. Gache represents the heaviness of the expectations and responsibilities we gracefully continue to carry through out life."

93. Hannah Kidd

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Hannah Kidd

Artist: Hannah Kidd

Title: Playing the Long Game
Dimensions 300 x 600 x 600cm

Statement: "When we are gone the planet remains, along with her patient beings. They are playing the long game."

94. Toshio Iezumi

95. Prof. Po-Chun Liu

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Prof. Po-Chun Liu

Artist: Prof. Po-Chun Liu

Title: Green Iron Man (2012)
Dimensions: 450 x 220 x 370cm

Statement: "Green Iron Man attempts to convey the response of a strong industrial world to the natural world. An introspection of the space and environment we live in."

96. Kristof Kintera

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Kristof Kintera

Artist: Kristof Kintera

Title: My Light is Your Light (2008)
Dimensions 450 x 550 x 550cm

Statement: 'The artist is fascinated b the intangible quality of light, yet as the same time he recognizes the nonchalance with which we use it these days. By changing scale, the artist brings to us urban lighting as something expensive and intimate. Something very unusual becomes something very rare.'

97. Robert Barnstone

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Robert Barnstone

Artist: Robert Barnstone

Title: Half the Time
Dimensions: 550 x 240 x 140cm

Statement: "This work can read as a statement about identity, form and material. It is at once an archetypal form that appeals to deeper collective memories and a unique physical presence in the here and now."

98. Heinz Schmid

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Heinz Schmid

Artist: Heinz Schmid

Title: The Sound of Clouds
Dimensions: 8 x 650 x 60cm

Statement: 'The artist aims to produce work with simple shapes which appear poetically in the landscape.'

99. Tracy Luff

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Tracy Luff

Artist: Tracy Luff

Title: Parenthesized Existence
Dimensions 135 x 250 x 50cm

Statement: 'Reincarnated forms with obvious links to a previous material existence is todays cliché. Despite their heritage, these emerging shoots explore their surroundings - their physical and psychological boundaries for the first time.'

100. DR. David Hamilton

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