Sydney | Sculpture by the Sea 2022 (2)

After a two year wait Sculpture by the Sea was given the green light to return to the shores of the Bondi to Bronte coast line. 

Technically it's Bondi to Tamara beach but lets not be picky
The information supplied is from the Sculpture by the Sea (Twenty Fourth Edition) booklet. 

11. Sally Kidall

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Sally Kidall
Artist: Sally Kidall
Title Bunker down: survival of the fittest
Dimensions: N/A

Statement: Stage-sets a surreal narrative reflecting on the ever increasing symptoms of fear, dread and dispossession as humanity searches to escape the impacts of our rapidly changing world. This interactive work aims to engage the viewer via their imagination to visualize this luxurious subterraneous security bunker below, using the website images and property details by scanning the QR code. This work has been inspired by Bradley Garrett's book, 'Bunker, Building for the end of Time' To see inside this safe and spacious home, go to:

12. Charlie Trivers

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Charlie Trivers

Charlie Trivers
Title: Bondi Sirens
Dimensions: 250 x 150 x 150cm

Statement: "The individual forms in this sculpture are derived and inspired by coastal sandstone formations found naturally carved by time and erosive chiseling. The sandstone formations that interest me remind me if the Amoeba and Mobius loops"

13. Leda Alexopoulou

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Leda Alexopoulou

Leda Alexopoulou
Title: A piece of Greece
Dimensions: 300 x 300 xx 0.3cm

Statement: "A Piece of Greece is and actual imprint of rocks located in a bay on the island of Crete. Placing the fabric over the rocks along Tamara Beach reflects on the interconnections of the numerous people who have relocated to Australia from around the world."

14. DR. Richard Tipping

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by DR. Richard Tipping

Artist Dr. Richard Tipping
Title: The Sanctuary of Distance
Dimensions: 70 x 90 x 5cm

Statement: "This work brings the template of the 'Danger' sign into a new use both as a cry of distress ('Oh No') and as a space for resolution and repair ('Oh Yes'). The sanctuary  of distance is declared; and sculpture's contemplative nature is announced."

15. Ashley Eriksmoen

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Ashley Eriksmoen

Artist: Ashley Eriksmoen
Title: Jetsam Takes Root
Dimensions: Variable

Statement: "New plant growth is becoming established on the rocks, yet it is composed of domestic rubbish. This humorous provocation invites people to consider serious environmental issues, such as the connection between furniture consumption and habitat loss."

16. Naja Utzon Popov

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Naja Utzon Popov

Artist: Naja Utzon Popov
Title: Continuum
Dimensions: 180 x 60 x 60cm

Statement: "Continuum is a continuously evolving and changing body of connections. The work is based on an old Greenlandic legend based on the Mother of the Sea"

17. Koichi Ishino x

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Koichi Ishino x

Artist: Koichi Ishino x
Wind Stone - Threshold of Consciousness
Dimensions: 200 x 80 x 50cm

Statement: "Getting creative, when drifting idly between consciousness and unconsciousness"

18. Briell Ellison

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Briell Ellison

Artist: Briell Ellison
Title: From End to End
Dimensions: Variable

Statement: "From end to end is made using mycelium and agricultural waste, coaxed into forms of everyday consumer plastic. These hybrid objects ask us to question the values we place in notions of ephemerality and permanence surrounding the objects in our lives."

19. Jonathan Organ & Jessica Pearless

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Jonathan Organ & Jessica Pearless

Artist: Jonathon Organ & Jessica Pearless
Title: Soft Sculpture
Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 1.5cm each

Statement: "Soft Sculpture plays on the notion of sculptures as a transitional device to transport the viewer into and artwork and the environment through memory and association."

20. Wataru Hamasaka

Sculpture by the Sea 2022 | Sculpture by Wataru Hamasaka

Wataru Hamasaka
Title: Awakening of Physical Recognition II
Dimensions: 50 x 75 x 200cm

Statement: "This work is a shape that encourages people to stretch their body. Touching the cold texture of the marble promotes the awakening of one's consciousness."

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