Strathfield to Homebush | Public Art walk

I'm not one to waste an opportunity so while out sourcing succulents for my newest obsession I rode around the area of Strathfield and Homebush whilst in the area!

I'll be making individual posts for each of these photographs with the location information over the next few days but most you'll be able to locate easily enough via the photos and the clues within them.

I exited the Strathfield Station at 12:30 and had my Gumtree appointment at 2pm so had to stay close to the station area. I needed to exit the Everton Rd exit but the police were stationed at the Everton Rd station tap off terminals. I didn't want to temp fate by passing bored Police Officers with an illegal scooter so I exited Albert Rd. 

Strathfield Public Art | Water Fountain Sculpture

The exit opened to a wonderful congregation garden with a water fountain feature. I took a few photos but the stage they had set up really ruined the photo. I also scoured the garden for free succulent leaves but didn't have any luck.

Strathfield Public Art | WWI Monument by Loveridge & Hudson

My first item was a WWI Sculpture. I've taken a bit of an interest lately with interesting monuments. While happily snapping away I had a couple walking their dogs cross the road to ask me if I were a council worker. I didn't notice until after our chat that they were maskless. I had to pass them again for my next item and while they couldn't see my grin from behind my own mask I was genuinely happy to see people out in the open not wearing them. In hindsight I now wonder if they approached me for a bit of 'masks aren't a law' drama.

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Strathfield Public Art | Chalmers Road School Mural

My next stop was suppose to be a mural by Mulga but like most school murals after a ride around the fence line and no visual I suspect it's either painted over or out of line of sight and may need ground access for. Pity, Mulga's creatures are always worth a visit. Damn schools!

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This was bound to happen sooner or later. I was travelling around 15-20kms on the footpath on a street with high fences. A van pulled out of a concealed driveway with very limited time to break. The driver  had reversed in so as he's stopped to look for oncoming traffic and I've begun breaking with about 3 seconds to react we both had an oh shiz moment. He braced and I pivoted sending myshoulder first into this drivers side door.

Nothing broke but the scooters light. No cuts, no bruises which I was thankful for. I've seen posts from people going sternum into handlebar and breaking ribs. Best part about this scooter is the ability to buy replacement parts as it's designed for breakages like this.

Driver pulled over to check on me, we
exchanged our inability to care about our transport devices. We smiled, we waved and we went our separate ways. Very pleasant outcome considering. Glad I wasn't on a bike and super glad for those instincts. 

Strathfield Public Art | Mosaic wall by Diamando Koutsellis

My next stop took me to a local park to capture this mosaic tiled BBQ. Attached to the other side was a picture of Where's Wally. I guess I found him. So damn amusing!!!

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Strathfield Public Art | Street Art by Leading Hand Design

Another school mural. This mural rather reminded me of the beach. I'm a fan of Georgia Hill but this geometric design just didn't hold a lot of interest for me. It's behind a fence but you can capture it freely with a standard lens through the gates bars

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Strathfield Public Art | St Patricks College Sculpture

This sculpture popped up during my sculpture search and I probably shouldn't have added it to my ride but it disturbed me a little and I ended up adding it for a giggle. You'll need a landscape lens to capture this as it's behind a bar style locked gate and the fences are too high to jump.

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Strathfield Public Art | Street Art in Fitzgerald Park

It was around 1pm arriving at this park off Rochester Street. Originally I thought it was a painted amenity block but was surprised to see more decorative BBQ's. The park also featured painted tree rings and will provide more photos inside the featured post.

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I rode to the main street of Homebush to check on a roller door I'd seen in street view in the spare 20 mins I had till my appointment. It wasn't fantastic nor was it creative and after pulling up noted that it had since been painted over. 

I picked a bad time to take this photo as the place looks pretty desolate, it wasn't. The area was actually quite alive and I found it a bit frustrating trying to find a place to sneak in a quick lunch before meeting my Gumtree contact. Tables blocked entrances to cafes and didn't provide menu's or people lined up blocking the footpath.

One place I noted that didn't baracade their entrance so you could walk in and order like a normal human was the Sip Hour Cafe. I may have ended up with more croissant on my clothes than in my mouth and that five awkward minutes it took me to eat my lunch, mask free, was both amazing and slightly guilty. It was strange to note how wrong it felt to take off my mask, even to eat. It resulted in a very rushed meal 

The real reason I formatted my post, EVERYONE LOOK AT MY PLANTS!!!

I went for the free succulents which my host pulled from a pile in a discarded container. They were extremely dry, shriveled, most had dead ends and aerial roots galore. I don't know when she pulled them out of the ground but I had the sense they'd been severely neglected before hand. I'm a new grower and I'm not sure I'll have the knowledge or experience to save them. I did however liberate some from her and think I'll be more wary of back yard giveaways in future

Strathfield Street Art | Grand Theft Auto Mural

So with a shopping bag of half dead plants, a gift bag of brought succulents, a back pack, a camera bag and a broken headlight I wobbled my way to my next destination. This wasn't on my list of things to visit and I imagine getting a car free photo would be difficult. I wont bother making a post for this photo but if you want to capture this Grand Theft Auto inspired mural it's at 178 Parramatta Rd.

Don't google the business name. It will pin you to the wrong location. :)

Strathfield Street Art | Mural by Blackbook Ink

Great advertising by Butter Shack. The mural stretches from one end of the wall and partially wraps to the corner of the building. Covid restrictions prevented me from checking the inside for interior murals.

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Strathfield Street Art | Banksy Stencil

The only bad thing about the scooter is when entering a plaza you need to lock it and it's just not as secure as a car or bike. I was expecting this mural in the shopping district on Concord Rd to be difficult and time consuming to find but was pleasantly surprised to find it in the first place I looked. 

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Strathfield Street Art | Painted Electrical Box by Sofles

I loved this painted utility box. Creative art like this is always a joy to stumble across. I was surprised by the artists tag on this one and the prolonged enjoyment of it had me noticing the color through the near window

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Strathfield Street Art | Mural by Reubszz

I'd very much like to add this place to my bucket list of Sydney adventures. Alcohol and painting.. sounds like my kind of good time. Photo was photographed from behind a window. I hope fellow adventurers have better luck with this one. 

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Strathfield Utility Art

After a wide loop around the North Strathfield station I came to my next destination. You guys will be happy to know after the last few adventures this was the only Signal box I could find in the area. It would appear Strathfield doesn't have an issue with crime just lack of places to advertise. 

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Strathfield Street Art | Mural by Olev Musca

Right across the road you'll come across this gem. I wish I had of taken more angles of this mural. Such a shame as I've now completed this section of my map. I'd still like to return to Sydney Olympic Park so lets home when that happens I take the time to detour for an updated picture.

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Strathfield Public Art | Tomato Tin Sculpture

It's been a really long time since I've seen some kitsch in the Sydney Suburbs. I thought it was baby formula at first but upon closer inspection learnt it's actually a tin of tomato's 

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Strathfield Street Art | Mural by Unknown Artist

This wall was more awkward to photograph than it was to eat my lunch in a public place without a mask. You'll want a wide angle lens unless you're happy to walk and snap while crossing or standing in the middle of the road. 

I ventured to the Concord Library after photographing this wall. There was suppose to be a mural by Rodney Monk there but after riding around the entire complex I couldn't spot it. 

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Strathfield Street Art | Mural by Ignacio Querejeta

This mural had the most unusual placement. The other side faces the Great Western Highway and the highway side is absolutely covered in graffiti. Canada Bay council affords people the opportunity to nominate graffiti hot spots to beautify and I can only assume this was an initiative by a resident of that street as it's quite obscure otherwise.

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Strathfield Public Art | Painted bollards by Mike Watt

This was my last stop before catching the train home. These painted bollards were photographed just before 5pm and with a start time if 12:30 the entire day minus an hour for lunch and succulents likely only took 4 hours to complete. I never would have had the time or energy to venture this far south without the use the use of my scooter. So in love!

I missed capturing these on my Burwood walk back in June and super stoked to add them to my collection  I love this artist and this artwork is so different to their typical style I really wanted to capture it for my own enjoyment. 

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Till my next adventure, Adios!


  1. yeah succulents are a bit of an obsession lol, if you lived near me I could give you heaps of mine.

    1. Unfortunately we're in different countries. Unless you've moved to Aus and haven't updated your bio? Sad, I could do with more plant friends. Would love some picture though! Would any of your blogs show off some of you collection?

  2. You found so many gems, I love your succulents so cool, I love your new layout of posts too.


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